Shake That Globe

by Also, Dragons

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Bree Morcroft
Bree Morcroft thumbnail
Bree Morcroft Listening to bands like this make me miss the days of the random 2am sets at Pony in Melbourne. Many discoveries found when you need that something different to keep the night kicking on. I can picture a pretty wild live show listening to these songs, and that loose audience being drawn to fling their limbs around as the band serve it up. Sick of bands playing it safe? Then this one is for you, let the trumpet draw you in, the vocals & lyrics make you think, and the groove.. it'll get you up. Favorite track: Snowglobe.
Bradley Rust
Bradley Rust thumbnail
Bradley Rust Quirky, off-kilter sounds that you'd expect to bump into late at night in a tiny alley bar, something Melbourne is just right for. Expect the unexpected with this one. 'The Glory Of Man' inspires rapid movement, while 'Snowglobe' is more groove generating. The closer, 'Bought & Sold' takes me back to TISM days, not in sound, but the mix of music and poetry, something not done enough these days! Stick around for the not-so-secret track at the end (hasn't digital killed the fun of a secret track) Favorite track: The Glory of Man.
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'Shake That Globe' was recorded in June 2015 in a semi-decrepit wooden shack on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, in a small ex-gold mining town with the English name Blackwood, in the colonial outpost known to most people as Australia.

The weather was biting cold and the shack smelled slightly of urine.

The small amount of funds needed to make this happen was generated by the band playing shows and earning money, as dictated by the capitalist economy we are part of. Mostly, however, 'Shake That Globe' was brought into existence by people working together in a community, with little or no monetary assistance.

For their generous contributions and enthusiasm, we would like to sincerely thank:

Erik Trickey and Jack Bennett for recording and mixing

Shan Primrose for designing and producing the cover art

Paul Richardson for driving us around a lot, for back-up vocals on 'Remember The Ember, and for the Blackwood hook-up

Rick Sabbatini for back-up vocals on 'Hurt You', for his calm demeanour and for aforementioned enthusiasm.


released November 2, 2015

All music by Also, Dragons

All lyrics by Robbie Smith, Freya Graf and Max Sabbatini

*Except 'Hurt You', by TV on the Radio from the awesome album 'OK Calculator'



all rights reserved


Also, Dragons Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Remember The Ember
Everything in nothing
Vague, amorphous, whole and null
A ceaseless sack of seizures
In a void devoid of form.

And through this mass of zeroes
Burst so suddenly a one
A void devoid could not avoid
The lashes of my tongue

My plans would place the planets
My synapses shaped his skull
The land and sea, his enemies
Would heat his blood to boil.

I presented him an offer;
Stark delusion of his place
And his eyes would lose their focus
In the flicker of my face

You lit me 'neath the creatures
Let me loose on all terrains
You pumped me from your chimneys
To the skies you tried to reign

But you were warned:
'It's getting warm'
And before it burns it crashes
Cos I am your creator, your cremator and your ashes.

Don't have to tell me that you need me,
Bounce you upon my knee 'cos I'm your life giving mother.

From the bright sun, from the barrel of a smoking gun
Lick of my insatiable tongues, yeah I'm a cruel cruel lover.
Track Name: The Glory of Man
Skin peels back as my hands re-grow
I drop a flipper and gain a toe
I quadrupedal my way to work
And I'll be worshipping myself at this church

Let's build the world.

Pebble by pebble, then brick by brick
I climb the tip of the pyramid
And from the top I cannot resist
A cheeky little picture and a quick piss

'Cos I been matching every man with a wall
And Lady Nature can't see over that tall
My inner vision is a mission that won't desist,
It's a division between me and the shit.
Track Name: Blues For The Bureaucrats
I was born,
with a shadow at my shoulder
reachin' over, seepin' deep into my soul.

Twisting dials in my guts,
It meant my lenses were prevented from the whole.

So a world of crunchy numbers,
Short attention, quick ascension
Started stroking, enveloping me.

Wonder what I will become?
I don't know.
Comfort comes to everyone.
Does it though?
I should make it on my own.
Here we go.

I stepped out from the blood and the piss
Into a world I control.
I'm eating better now it's cheddar
Instead of shit by the bowl.

So David Guetta better get a better
Piece of the pie,
That crust is cooling on the windowsill
I'm taking a bite.

Just spent 4 hunjy on a dryer,
Nicer than a plastic clothes rack,
I can get my clothes back,
Warmer than a heat pack.
Supermarket meat rack
Better job, bigger stack,
Holy shit I'm making it,
A rabid bureaucrat attacks.
It's over

Fillin' forms
Is ingrained into my psyche
Next to myki and respect for 3-piece suits.

Changing hands
But not the classes, kissing asses,
Licking boots of institutes.

And I find it kinda scary
It's hereditary, necessary
Struggling and loving these blues.
Track Name: Snowglobe
Well I was snakin' my way down to Wilson's Prom
Prehistoric landmass, freshly woven canvas.
With my hands out of pocket, time out of my mind,
I didn't need a swivel chair to stop and recline.

Well isn't it funny the sight of actual stars can hit you so hard,
Feels like you're seeing stars?
Cos the smoke that obscures them's just air from a spark,
And the mirrors that reflect this are actually glass.

The industrial front-line has spread like a fault-line,
Every cunt with a camper van thinks that he's outside.
Did I mention the entrance? The measure of worth:
It's $12.50 a night just to witness the actual Earth.

'Cos we're living in a snowglobe
And you can't escape the dome.
Copyrighted all the rainbows
And kept the pot of gold.

Well I was skatin' my way down a woolwoths aisle,
leaning on a galvanised chrome frame, entered through a turnstile,
Stupefied, dazed, bombarded in the maze by fluoro lights,
By advertising for easy bites, ready meals, nylon tights,
Cures for cellulite, chemical pastes to make your teeth white,
Spoon-fed solutions for all my non-existent gripes.

The canned oxygen laced with urges to buy and diet
All my needs plastic-wrapped at eye level.
Why fight it?

Once you see through the glass and the architecture
Sonny shake that globe 'til the dome surrenders.
Gotta pass through the glass and the architecture
Sonny shake that globe 'til the dome surrenders.
They'll sing 'Dome Sweet Dome' as they're coming to getcha
So look out while you can on the actual vista.
It's a secret son, that's why we say it in a whisper.
Track Name: Bought & Sold
I was fresh Tabula Rasa when I came here from my planet
And I volunteered to martyr 'cos I hate the guys who ran it
So I came to watch your species, fill some notepads, take some pictures
Send the goss back to the boss and die a happy short existence.

Track the Sun to where it sets, platform goes down, first thing I get
You bet it's 'Welcome To The New World' plastered all across the West
In plastic pictures, flashing colours, liquid crystal, sugar diets
Concrete columns, methane chimneys, polystyrene Melbourne Central,
Waxed bananas, hair conditioner, petrol stations, halogenics,
Foxtel cables, minute ad breaks, AAMI Stadium, tinted windows.

In the buildings where they gather, make proposals, create sales
Much too wide to miss your eyes, too tall for citizens to scale.
So I walk into a foyer, want to see what they're about
I ask to speak to an employer, can we talk? Can I find out?

And so this short exchange begins a game of epic cat and mouse
Transferred to Bill, then Em, then Riley, then to Marcus who is out
He calls me back with no assistance - "Keep your questions at a distance"
"But I'll put you through to Gai or Chris who'll add you to our mailing list"

A saccharine connection, PR ceases at reception
Know just what I knew before, a catalogue for consolation
Though, I think it might be good to go to someone who can tell me more
I'm told there is a slacker jaw at Chadstone, on the upper floor.

Trek out to this oasis for consumers, daily basis,
Once I find a parking places to alleviate the stasis
Feel myself increasing status with ascension of staircases,
And the man behind the curtain I find candid, hard at workin':
"Is there but a soul inside your mall who worked up from the bottom
Who believes in what they do and where the market chain has got them,
Who can tell you where the grains are grown that constitute their bread,
Who's there for any reason other than the notes they wish to spend?"

And so he looks direct in my third eye and says "My friend, forget it"
So I'm walking round for hours trying to work out how to exit,
And my body starts to wither, grow so tired, I need dinner,
So I'm forced to buy a sandwich, and an XBox and a zimmer frame,

I'm stumbling desperately and my pupils are dilating
'Cos the carcinogenic halogenics take up the ceiling,
Vomit seeping from orifices, collapsed beside some poffertjes.
As far from their Dutch origins as I am from these officers
Who whisk me to a hospital through corridors so clinical,
I see through pain it looks the same as Chadstone, call me cynical,
But I sense these white fluorescent decorations hide incessant
Infatuations of power suppressing self-determination

Needle in my silver skin keeps seizuring at bay,
But I'm a foreign object in your country so I have to pay
A thousand big ones to the big wigs whose designs defined my day,
A public service or a business? Questions leading me to say
"Hey, whatcha selling?!"

And the folks back home are callin', said:
"You're coming back with answers", I said:
"Talk is just for talkin's sake, cos I can't understand it,
Frankly how am I to fathom the fact that almost every atom's
Cordoned off by some electron who defends it with a baton?

On the outer shell of reason, corporate orbits every region
And the whip-led drip-fed rest of us forget that we're the nucleus
The source of all fruition, yet the cause of our constriction,
Every friction of the system built by us with our conviction.
Every leader we elected through a framework we directed
All solutions we rejected, any pain is self-inflicted.
Just like Mum and Dad and friends and family, everyone back home
Who gave themselves to suits and spies, their faith to asses on the throne
"Good news for you!" I yelled, "They're following your orbit, guess I should have known,
All life would rather sit than stand" and then I slammed the phone.

So from one sucker to another when these fuckers try to sell,
The universe is your creation, don't be patient,
Ask yourself,
Well are you buying?!